How to Throw a Kids' Space-Themed Birthday Party

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Your little one's birthday is approaching fast, and you want to make it into an out of this world birthday party. Space themed parties are incredibly fun, so the chances of you throwing the party of the century are very high. But how to plan the perfect space-themed party? Here we are going to reach for the stars and explore the best ways to throw the best party for the cutest person in your life.

There are so many great ways to throw an outer space birthday party that can be a little daunting to navigate all of those fantastic ideas and pick one. So here is a selection of the best ways to throw your party, stress-free but with lots of fun.

Plan your trip to space

The best way to start your adventure to space is to plan things ahead. This will save you some stress at the last minute and will ensure that everything turns out perfectly. Envision the part that you want to throw and start writing down every detail. Will it be a costume kind of party? How many guests? Which type of cake do you want? Little details will make a difference, so if you have something in mind, write it all down.

It's never too early, so start planning your party, plus this will give you plenty of time to buy all the essentials to make your party unforgettable. And if you are planning your guests to come dressed up as astronauts, then it's wise to give them enough time to prepare. 

Invite the other humans to join you

Creating the invitations should be just as fun as throwing your party. Here you will have the chance to explore your creativity and give your guests a little glimpse of what you are planning. Before you start sending them out, it's essential to know who you are inviting so you won't forget a little human along the way. There are several ways that you can send those invites:

  • Get cute invitations already made and just fill out the details of your party.

This is a straightforward and practical option. Plus, there are so many gorgeous designs available that will be impossible not to find one that is perfect for your party.

  • Create customized invitations yourself

If you like to express your creativity, then this is the perfect option for you. There are no rules, and you can make it as epic as you wish. The sky is the limit when it comes to your creativity.

  • Send digital invitations

We live in a digital world, so, of course, digital invitations are a very common thing nowadays. You can make some templates yourself, or you can use companies like Evite that have gorgeous invites that include animated options as well. 

Bring the space into your home

This can be the most stressful or fun part of party planning. So why not make it fun? There are endless ways to decorate your space-themed party. The choices are endless; from balloons to out of this world decorations, there are no limits of how many ways you can decorate your home for a space-themed party. When it comes to colors, green, blue, and black are usually the picked colors for this type of party. Here are some ideas on how to make your party even more extraterrestrial:

  • Galactic background

This one is really simple, yet super impressive. With a black sheet or any fabric, you can cover up the wall where you place the dessert table, for example, and decorate it with planet shape carboards and stars. This will look incredible, and the kids will love it!

  • Planets balloons

You can buy balloons that resemble planets, of course, but how can you recreate the rings of planets like Saturn? Well, the only thing you need is hula hoops. You can recreate the entire space right in your living room. Hanging those in the wall will give a unique look to your space-themed party.

  • UFO's hanging from the ceiling

You can make them yourself or buy them in the store. Either way, the look that they will bring to your party will be extra special.

  • Alien's visiting

If you want to go overboard, then why not make some friendly aliens give a more vivid look to your party out of space? This will not only make a great addition to your party but will make the kids super excited.

Prepare food for your human friends

One of the most important things at a birthday party is definitely the food. Here you can rely on store-bought if you don't have the time or you don't feel comfortable enough in the kitchen, but either way, the trick is to be creative. Of course, the cake is the most crucial part of your food planning list, no matter if you are going for a solar system look or an alien party, the choices are not only delicious but unlimited. Whatever you pick, make sure that your cake has a place at the center of your dessert table.

When it comes to other treats, there is no shortness of ideas. From rocket ship cake pops to cake cups made out on space, the kids are sure to love every treat. There are a few very easy to follow recipes that you can try to make from your kitchen, goodies like a super cool galactic jelly, popcorn made in Jupiter, rock candy, or some earth delicious cookies will leave a wow in all your guests.

Plan some intergalactic activities

The little ones love to have fun, so providing the best entertainment is one of the keys to throwing a successful birthday party. To make an outer space experience, there a few things that you can add to your party. You can create an out of space room and decorate it with something that resembles the space and have a little tour with the little ones. You can also have an out of space photo-booth. You can build one and take pictures of every guest; if you have a polaroid camera, you can even include their photo in their party gift bag later on.

You can also let them make their own galactic playdough. Here is one effortless way to make it. The recipe includes things that you have in your kitchen.

Gift your human friend's souvenirs

After the party is all done, you may wish to gift your guests with some memories of the amazing time they had at your party. You can never go wrong with sweet party bags where you can display as sweets from space. You can also add an item from space, there are many options online, or you can make one yourself. Or you can also bake some goodies such as cookies or cupcakes that you can include in the party bag.

Final Thoughts

A birthday party is not only a day where you celebrate someone's day of birth, but it's also a day to make memories that you will take with you for life. So whatever you decide to include on your space-themed party, make sure that this day will leave happy memories for everyone. Whether you include astronauts, aliens, or spaceships, every moment will matter, so enjoy the ride to space and have a blast.